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God Help the Outcasts by PrincessPuma

This piece takes me back to the beauty that was shown in the film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. God Help the Outcasts is the most beauti...

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My gallery! XD

Half of the characters in here are mine. All others are already copyrighted to the owners. If you try to steal, alter or post these pictures on any site site without permisson, I will not only report you, but stalk you til I find your home and kill you!


all mah pals' art and other art ^^

i love mah pals X3 (in a friend wai to all u sick-minded people out there)


God Help the Outcasts by PrincessPuma
This piece takes me back to the beauty that was shown in the film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. God Help the Outcasts is the most beautiful song I've heard from Disney so she made a great choice. It's very easy to picture the song and emotion even though the character shown isn't Esmeralda. It just reminds me of how awesome cartoon movies really are. It really takes a true artist to capture the emotion and show it to the world. PrincessPuma is known for some wonderful ideas and even more beautiful artwork.she's definitely gotten much better over the years and I'm proud of her for it.

THIS GAL!!!! *parties*

anyhoo, i'll try to reupload many of the pics i've drawn so they are in better quality :) that will take time tho XD

i'm super happy none the less!

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Rockin like stars by mexican-jo-cool
Rockin like stars
Drew this to the Fairy Tail AMV "Let the Beat Drop" man was that fun!!!

The two clown and the crazy alien girl are mine XD (from left to right: Calyx, Burlaffe, Riett) the crazy alien girl's race is also mine

Balatrums (c) :iconbechnokid:
(Continued from the first one)

There are a few more humanoids that weren't mentioned. These are a few more types of humanoids that fall under one category. This category is known as the MEDICAL humanoids. There are three types of medical humanoids: Leeches, Mantis and Mosquitoes (yes the annoying buggers are medical). All have been changed of course so the needle nose humanoids don't cause itching and actually draw out blood to find what's wrong with someone. The mantis humanoids are known for their extreme focus and speed with sewing- perfect for fast paced medical emergencies. Lastly is the leeches. They are normally found at the bottom of the canyon when the arachnid humanoids hang their nests- the water there is murky but clean so they aren't seen very well. The leeches themselves are used to suck poisons, infections and even diseases from a person's body without leaving marks. Ranging in heights, the Mantis and Mosquito humanoids tie in height while the Leech humanoids are forever short (about 5' and smaller). All three hunt in packs of ten (or more with Leeches) so trying to fend them off is pretty much impossible. Like the other calm humanoids, they rarely attack unless they are disturbed or feel threatened.

Most of these humanoids are born NATURALLY (eggs, live birth) but some have been lab made in the past. The oldest leech humanoid (Adamaris) currently lives in the manor and is the nursemaid for pregnant female humanoids of all types. She also helps HUMANS just 'cause she can. Mantis humanoids usually are seen sewing or some stressful occupation but they enjoy more so to help in the medical field (their large second arms, the mantis ones, are used to hold threads and such. The mosquito ones are used for flying medicine all around to every patient, checking their blood and even helping find mess ups in DNA. Mantis and Mosquito humanoids don't normally live in the manor or the forest/canyon surrounding it- they live in the towns themselves and usually stay inside to avoid outsiders.


That's it for the humanoids! Thanks for reading!
EXPERIMENTS written sketch prt2
This explains a bit more of the world this story takes place in as well as mentioning a few more humanoids that weren't mentioned in the first one

everything (c) me
The story Experiments is one I created about how sometimes science does more harm than good in the wrong hands. The setting itself is post future/semi modern- a nuke plant blew up causing five towns to become contaminated. The people who lived there become infected with radiation...but don't die. They instead mutate DNA with various creatures around them by mistake, causing them to become humanoids in a fairly painful manner. This transformation helps them live and adapt. The five small towns heal over time but most of its residents are permanently stuck as humanoids. The story takes place many years after that event, in a valley surrounded by a thick forest and a large canyon drop off.

The Manor: Haven Manor is home to nearly half the humanoid population. It houses those who have been hurt, abandoned and even crudely mutated. The scientists there are the ONLY ones the mutated beings trust and are slightly humanoid themselves (cyborgs)

The Forest/Canyon: home to many species of humanoid. The two categories these species fall under are Night/Nocturnal and Day/Diurnal.

The Towns: the homes of the loving accepting folks who welcome weary travelers. They share a strong bond with the humanoids and even care for them in return for the food and other items they provide. All of the townsfolk do get seriously peeved at any who show hatred towards humanoids and have been known to chase people like that into the forest to be hunted down by predators.
The Humanoids- the humanoids themselves fall into many groups. Most are very common while others are very rare. Each humanoid has parts of the creature they are named after, species wise. Extra limbs, tails, scales, feathers, fur and wings are always present. Due to still being part human, they CAN grow facial hair and do have normal hair on their heads, along with appearing fairly human like.


Butterfly/ Moth- these humanoids are known for Grace, beauty, style, fashion and being snooty to some. They are fairly friendly and are willing to talk for hours if you want to chat with them. They do not fight and are the weakest species.

Bee/Ant/Wasp- these are worker humanoids. Known for loving a hard day of work, they are masters in their craft. Some farm land to grow food or make honey while others do tough jobs like welding/blacksmithing, mining, mechanical engineering and even run the railroads that connect the towns. Though hardworking, they tend to be slightly temperamental, so stay on their good sides.

Bird- the birds have only three types (jungle, forest, savannah) and are more skittish like the Butterfly and Moth humanoids. Most can be quite prissy until they get to know you. The vulture humanoid species is the ONLY carnivorous bird type. Robins, Blue jays, Parrots, Parrakeets and peacocks are the only other types. ALL Bird humanoids can fly.


Bats- bat humanoids are a weird species and fairly big. Vampire and Fruit are the only two present species but both do eat insects as well. Bat humanoids have a special skill to "hypnotize" prey with a bat song that can only be heard by the pitch the humanoids can hear. They mainly come out at night but have been seen wandering during the day. They can walk like a normal human but prefer to fly and hop to their destination. They, milipede and arachnid humanoids are the only ones who can survive living underground. Bats use their screech to stun enemies and alert danger. They can be quite violent and are not afraid to drop kick attackers into the ground.

Milipede- these humanoids aren't seen very often because they are shy. They are the biggest ones known in the land (ranging from 9'9" to 15" long in length/height. They look almost naga like and are the fastest humanoids there. They can use their bodies like a boa constrictor does to get their prey or use a powerful bite. Their scales are tough, like rhino skin, so it's hard to actually stab them...especially if they can curl into a ball and roll after you like a boulder. They are very secretive and prefer not to be around many, but are surprisingly curious. Violent when they need to be.

Arachnid- these are the most deadly humanoids on the land. They have strong poison, a very powerful bite and claws strong enough to break down a thick oak door. They are usually seen in the canyon or in the forest. Only some in this category can make webs, which are not sticky since they know how to hunt. Like a lion pride or wolf pack, they hunt in groups (of about five) and leave at least seven adults behind to guard the young. These humanoids always go for the throat when attacking and will not let go until the body stops moving. They are cannibals by nature and are pretty much the creepiest ones there. (All but the seven prototypes/psychos (Rene, Eti, Arik, Houdini, Sage, Johnny and Jackson) are naturally born). Arachnid, Milipede and Bird humanoids are the only ones who lay eggs.

Every humanoid type has its own unique calls/sounds, just like real animals. They rely heavily on scent and sound for mates, family and friends. Each one has its own little quirk- salt licking, hair braiding, burying themselves under dirty laundry, etc that is unique to that species. Grooming is very healthy- humanoids are built differently than humans and don't need to shower or worry about other problems (they suffer heat/rut depending on the season). And yes in this story, humans and humanoids can bear children together- the stronger genes will determine how the baby looks.

Animal (minus flying ones) based humanoids are very rare in the story world but there are a few there- rabbits, chinchilla, deer (centaur, very rare) and extinct species (Slow Loris, seal, wolf, hyena,etc) can be seen ONLY in the Manor. They are not hunted due to their rarity. They also have lots mental or physical health problems so they need constant medical attention.

The Seven Prototypes are the only lab made arachnid humanoids- they are defective and prone to "glitch" often (bone rip out of skin and bizarre stuff like that). They are also the only ones who can't feel any pain in their backs and have an almost all metal skeleton. They have lots of mental and physical health problems as well, like the rare humanoids, but don't need constant medical attention. They do have to be careful not to hit their heads or their bodies shut down (they have small but powerful generators at the base of their skulls that act like second hearts and keep them alive. They also have a strange but helpful parasite under their scales that protects their spines and brains) 

Well that's all I have for the story! Comment with questions or even a few kind words. Thanks for reading!
EXPERIMENTS written sketch
All about the story, characters and hopefully what I am gonna do with it

:iconimdeadplz: ahh my hand....

Everything (c) me


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THIS GAL!!!! *parties*

anyhoo, i'll try to reupload many of the pics i've drawn so they are in better quality :) that will take time tho XD

i'm super happy none the less!

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